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My wife and I have had a lot on our plates for the last few months. 

On May 22nd, I got my acceptance letter for medical school. So really everything started right around then. I had graduated less than two weeks before I got that fateful email, so I had around two weeks of blissful work, no school or anything.

Since that day, however, it has been totally and completely nuts. We have both quit our jobs, my wife has found another (and I haven’t because…well…suga’ mama, remember?). We have made 7 trips to our new destination city, often driving 3 hours there, spending a LONG time looking at houses/job interviews/doing school stuff, then driving 3 hours home. These days usually see us leaving the house around 5 am and not returning until the wee hours of the morning. I like road trips and driving more than most people, but these are some long days. (I have the same love of driving as a 4 year old boy – I just like moving the wheel, pushing the pedals, and making the car go).

Also, just to make things more exciting, I traveled to Idaho and did my first Ironman triathlon in June. You know, a week away from home, big competition, physical exhaustion, lots of stress, etc. 

We also bought a car and went on vacation with my wife’s family for a few days. Want to know what all of these activities have in common? Here, I’ll give you a hint.

I tried to think of something witty to write here, but got sad looking at all that money.

Having gone through all of undergrad without any student debt, as well as avoiding car payments by paying cash for cheaper cars. we have so far avoided any debt at all. That whole financial plan was shattered pretty quickly this week, as we racked up more money in debt last week than all of the money I have ever spent in my entire life on anything put together. Yikes.

So they say (I’m not sure who “they” are, in this instance. Most of the time I like to reference exactly who is saying something here, as they could be anybody. This was told to me several times in the last few weeks by several people). They say that couples, especially newlyweds, should not attempt too many life changes in a short time span. I’m sure that whoever says stuff like that is inserting a picture of us, since we have crammed all of these “life events” into a few weeks. Geographic changes, career changes, financial stress, and some bonus stress like Ironman. 

We have done really well with this so far. We seem to grow closer together when faced with stressful situations, and have somehow managed to sail smoothly through some really challenging waters. Yesterday, however, everything sort of caught up with us. We had yet another three hour drive, towing a trailer in the rain, moving all of our crap from one place to another, and we were both just tired of it. I’m ready to be settled someplace and get to work on medical school, which starts next week. Yikes.

Tomorrow we begin the actual move, so my next post should be about my white coat ceremony.

Thanks for reading