Life is Weird – Updates

I have lived in the Midwest for around 7 years now, so I am somewhat familiar with the weather patterns (or lack thereof) that we experience. Example: typically in July we experience week after week of blazing heat (100+) with high humidity, just to add more misery icing onto the melting, sad cake that is late July. Today, however, it is 65 degrees and pouring rain. Even weirder, the highs for the last few days have been low 70s, with even more rain. Last summer I only mowed my lawn once, because it never rained and all vegetation turned into crispy brown kindling. Anyways, life is weird.

Tuesday night I couldn’t sleep. This is weird because I usually don’t spend more than two minutes in bed before falling into a deep sleep, which lasts until my iPhone jars me from my slumber in the morning. I sleep through earthquakes, fire alarms, thunderstorms, and long plane rides with screaming kids. Most times I am in such deep sleep that I don’t even realize I need to pee, until I finally get up in the morning and dash to the bathroom (urinating for four straight minutes, oddly enough, is not something my wife finds attractive). So Tuesday night I found myself laying in bed from 12-330, shifting around, rolling over, staring at the ceiling, and NOT SLEEPING. I didn’t like it at all. Life is weird. 

 My younger brother is 17 and in the hospital since yesterday. A normally healthy young man, he cut his leg with a chainsaw last week and now has a bizarre infection. Local doctors are conferring with Infectious Disease specialists in large cities to try to figure out what he has, and blood cultures aren’t showing anything. As I repeatedly tell my friends and family, and despite the title of this blog, I didn’t magically become a doctor when I was accepted into medical school. I still have the same amount of medical knowledge (nothing) that I graduated college with. So when my brother has all these weird symptoms and lab results, I feel like I’m trying to stare at one of these crazy boats.

This is really a thing. It’s called “dazzle” camouflage, and it’s used by only the most fabulous ships in the navy.

A week from today I will move and start orientation things with my medical school class. My beautiful (talented, lovely, wife who is way too good for me) has been interviewing with design firms in this new city, and has received no less than five job offers from various companies, some of whom are not even openly hiring. As a recent college graduate, I know so many people looking and applying for jobs across the nation and getting nothing. My wife, on the other hand, pulls in five incredible offers in one target city (at double her current salary….suga’ mama!!)

Finally, I have carried a composition notebook constantly this week, jotting down ideas and actually working on my book, which I have no chance of ever finishing in this decade. I’ve done that and played an unusually large amount of Minecraft, and it’s been a great week off of work. Oh right, I didn’t mention that. As of last Sunday, I am officially unemployed for the first time in about 5 years 🙂 I have worked through most of high school and all of college, and I feel myself beginning to go a little bit insane after one week of packing and “vacation” at home. I know I’m going insane because I can read, on other blogs, how terrible medical school supposedly is and I still get excited about starting it, just to be doing something.

Life is weird.

Thanks for reading


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