My Only Opus

I really enjoy writing. As a clever reader, you have likely already figured that out. After all, I have this blog, and another blog that I loved for several years, so it would seem obvious that I enjoy writing. In fact, I am a far better reader than I am a writer. 

And I’m a terrible artist.

Let me put it to you this way. While I read prolifically and consistently across multiple genres, the only real output I have ever actually generated while writing is in the form of blogs or mini-papers on current topics. I am such a flighty author, never able to stay perched on any subject long enough to generate a substantial product. 

I have a friend who is already a published author. He is my same young age, but he has already written and published his first book. His second and third books in that series are on their way as I write this! So when I consider the fact that we both run blogs with a readership that consists of more than our mothers (barely….hey Mom!), I find myself wondering why I also have not published a book. Is it because I am slightly ADHD and flighty when I get writing? Yes, definitely. ALSO, it’s because I’m an amateur. My friend doesn’t have the work experience or academic experience that I have. In essence, while I was working and studying, he was writing. He has decided to become a professional author. That seemed to suck some of the fun our of it for me. He HAS to write, every day, all the time. Without these next few books coming out, his life will have negative consequences in his near future. I really don’t want that.


The utilities have to stay on. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So I will keep writing for the fun of it. Now I may have sold myself short near the beginning of this. I want to publish books. Multiple books. I have the rough outline of a novel that I am slowly filling in. I would someday love to publish a work of non-fiction as well, and I have collections of writings on modern day issues that I would publish, if given the chance. I don’t see myself finishing this novel any time soon, but I have no doubt that I will one day sit down and work through the whole story, polish it up, and let other people read it. It might even be good. I have even given some thought to a movie. Despite films many weaknesses in storytelling (and my absolute lack of experience in screenwriting), I have kicked around some ideas for a movie with a good plot. I’ll have to write some other time about why I don’t like movies, because I feel myself getting off topic.

Right! While I may eventually write a book, perhaps a movie, that is sort of good, I think I may have already created my best idea ever, and it’s a video game. Hopefully I didn’t lose anyone there, because this game I have designed will drown everyone who builds and programs it in heaps of money. I’m a med student with no experience whatsoever in video game design, but I pretty much minored in video games for the last four years of college, so I know this is good. If you make video games, or know someone who does, please comment or message me (even if you are reading this far in to the future). I volunteer myself to do writing and design work.

You may be wondering what this game is like. It’s online multiplayer, but with singleplayer portions and mechanics as well. It combines RPG mechanics like levels, equipment, and stats with survival mechanics and open world action. The technology may not yet exist for this game to happen. It might have to wait for the console after Xbox One, or for the PCs of the next decade. I spend a significant amount of time thinking about it this last week, and just the thought of how sweet this game would be has made the games I’m playing now seem less fun in comparison. I think video games are a form of art. Well, if movies are considered art, then video games certainly should be art as well. Bethesda and Ubisoft come to mind as current companies that may have some knowledge of the world I want to create, due to their work with open world environments in games like Assassin’s Creed. 

I will admit that this game is not entirely original. I have created countries, creatures, and geographic features that are distinctly mine, but I borrow freely from games that do things well. I love the survival mechanic from Minecraft, but even that mechanic is better characterized from an older game called Lost in Blue. 

The way I know this idea is good is because I add to that document often. Pretty much daily. It’s like when I am reading a good book and have to know the ending, except I get to continually improve and refine the stories and concepts as I go. Here in a few minutes I will hit publish on this post and leave it on this blog for all of the internet to see forever, but I am going to keep writing. I’ll keep blogging. My novel will fill out a little more (right now it’s like the awkward teenager that seems to be all knees and elbows). I’ll keep daydreaming about this video game, and the game that is made will likely be quite difference from this current version in my head. I’m content with that. I’ll keep writing.

Thanks for reading!


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