Coming Soon

As June draws to a close, the start of the academic year is sneaking up on me very quickly. My wife and I have been very busy with some of the following activities.

First off, we purchased our first house! Since medical school is guaranteed to be at least four years long, we decided to stop paying rent and buy our own place. It’s small but cute and just what we need, and the location works perfectly for access to the medical school and her commute to her new job. 

Next up, I just got back from a week in Idaho, where I finished my first Ironman triathlon. It was quite a trip…I should probably just post that summary on this blog as well. My next post will be a long summary of the race and what I learned from it. No worries, it’s already written, I just have to copy it over to this site. 

Thirdly, we’ve had a lot of little transitional things going on. For example, my wife’s old car bit the dust, so a few weeks ago I had to scramble to find another, register it, etc. Then sell the old on Craigslist. Things like that keep it interesting around here, even as we get ready to move. Her new car is a Toyota Yaris, a tiny little 4-door that gets around 44 mpg on the highway. 44!!! Compared to the SUV I drive, that’s like driving for free!

Fourthly, we’ve spent a lot of good times with our friends lately. The weather has been great, so we have done a lot of grilling, sitting outside, playing cornhole, and generally just enjoying the summer. We are certainly going to miss everyone when we move, so it’s been nice to just enjoy the summer  with them.

As medical gets going, I will certainly pick up the posting here. If there is one thing that makes me a better student, it would be running every day. If there were two things that make me a better student, it would be running every day and writing on a consistent basis. As August rolls through this means more of a focus on topics concerning medical school, but don’t be surprised to see other posts going up here and there as well. I usually only hit publish on about 10% of what I write (or at least that held true throughout undergrad). 

Thanks for reading! 


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