Welcome to my first post on this blog. I should probably introduce myself, as well as the blog that you have either just landed on or have been reading. Which one first? How about me?

I am a medical student (or soon to be, at this writing) at a large allopathic medical school. I intend to blog my way through medical school and residency, perhaps, with the end goal being that someone who wants firsthand info on the life of a medical student can search around the blog and find my take on that issue. As a pre-med, I spent a significant amount of time looking for tips and advice on medical school on the internet. Many of the blogs I read were good, but I never found quite what I was hoping to find. Now that I have been accepted, hopefully this becomes that blog.

Speaking of the acceptance, I should probably background that, since that was a common question I had during college. “What were your stats? Where did you go to undergrad?” These are important for people trying to rank themselves compared to other applicants. Since this blog is anonymous I will do my best to summarize.

I am a white male, 22 years old when matriculating to medical school. I attended undergrad in the same state as my medical school, but since I have a private medical school that didn’t matter as much as usual. I majored in Cell and Molecular Biology, with a bonus minor in Chemistry, and had a final GPA of 3.70. My undergrad is a little known state school with a terrific program in CMB, and I was able to attend for free due to academic scholarships. I did most of the usual volunteer activities through college and worked at the local hospital for 2 years as a tech before being accepted. I married my high school sweetheart before my junior year in college. She is a designer, and very talented.

Finally, I scored a 32R on my only take of the MCAT. I applied to eight medical schools during my senior year of college (that’s lower than average, I think). I interviewed at two schools and was only accepted to one. It was almost the last school I expected to accept me, but I am excited to attend regardless.

I am going to medical school with an open mind. I have a broad interest in surgery and sports medicine, but since I have been through zero days of medical school I don’t know much about anything. I did the same thing with my college major, entering with a general idea of what I wanted to do and refining that idea during school. You will likely see me thinking through those ideas on this blog, as I tend to process information and events by writing about them.

Hopefully the quality of the blog improves over time as well 🙂 I blogged for several years on the Blogger platform and recently switched to this WordPress program. I should get better at this as I go. I will start this blog in earnest when August rolls around and classes get going, and I will update this post with more info as needed.




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